Gothicfest is North America’s Largest Gothic Festival And Expo

Gothicfest 2007

Gothicfest is North America’s Largest Gothic Festival And Expo and has featured some of the greatest gothic and industrial bands in the world, including: Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Bella Morte, Attrition (UK), Red Flag, Pivot Man, Grigori 3, Regenerator, Yluko (Germany), Outshine (Sweden), Ghost Orgy, Element a440, Deepest Symphony, The Vivid Twisted, Sin Division, Volkmar, Our Funeral Forgotten, Leper, 13 Winters, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Slick Idiot with En Esch and Guenter Schulz formerly of KMFDM, Project .44 with Levi Levi (The Thrill Kill Kult), Slave Driver, Ofearia, Dies Mali, Rosenguard, Withering Soul, Ghost Orgy, Drake, Reverend Agony, Rachael’s Surrender featuring Elysabeth Grant, Psionic, Methodical, Terminal Bliss and Dead Girls Corp! In addition to music, North America ‘s largest gothic festival and expo is the official expo for the gothic subculture, featuring tattoos, extreme exhibits, clothing, fashion, body art, and accessories. Gothicfest 2005 was featured in Spin Magazine with a full 5 page article on the event. “Day of the Not-Quite Dead” is the caption displayed on the cover.