Gothicfest 2007

Gothicfest 2007

Gothicfest 2007 was held at The Excalibur in Chicago Illinois on October 12th and 13th 2007 and featured 30 national and international bands from around the world including Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Bella Morte, Attrition (UK), Red Flag, Pivot Man, Grigori 3, Regenerator, Yluko (Germany), Outshine (Sweden), Ghost Orgy, Element a440, Deepest Symphony, The Vivid Twisted, Sin Division, Volkmar, Our Funeral Forgotten, Leper, 13 Winters and many more on two alternating stages of continuous music. Headliners “Black Tape for a Blue Girl” are the quintessential darkwave band. Begun in 1986 by Projekt label founder Sam Rosenthal as a vehicle for his own musical vision, Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s signature combination of gothic, ethereal, heavenly voices and neo-classical elements explores existential themes of loves lost and passions yet to come over their nine albums. Also featured was DJ Genesis from Hollywood. Other DJ’s include Mirage from Houston and Propaganda from Chicago. In addition to music, North America ‘s largest gothic festival and expo is the official expo for the gothic subculture, featuring tattoos, extreme exhibits, clothing, fashion, body art, and accessories. Some of the exhibitors included: Design Toscano, 313 Suspension Team, Graveyard Theatre, Dark Star Records, Horrorbles, Gashley Darcane, Wtii Records, Corvis Nocturnum, Raven Digitalis, Invisible Records, Nickolaus A. Pacione, Lollipop Magazine and More. 313 Suspension Team, a suspension team based out of Chicago performed at Gothicfest with Ammunition, a 313 Suspension Team Performance Artist/Spokesmodel/Muse/Art Model/Fetish Model/Pain Slut/Nihilist. The event was held at The Excalibur in downtown Chicago and is a castle-like building designed by Henry Ives Cobb and built in 1892. The massive multi-room, nine-level maze can be a bit intimidating at first. With its gothic overtones, dark winding corridors and spiral staircases, it should come as no surprise that the space was once a downtown church. According to rumors, the building was also used to house corpses from a shipwreck before it was turned into the Limelight Nightclub by Peter Gatien in 1985. It is also rumored that the building was a place of Satanic rituals.

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